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Hiring and Recruitment

We offer you the opportunity to earn money by working with us hand by hand.

Helping  Agencies and Brokers working in the multicultural markets. The carriers pay the Agencies and Agents/Brokers.

This will not cost you anything, on the contrary, it will help your earn it.

Work With Us: Services

We want you to work with us as an agent for America’s largest Insurance Companies. You’ll get to pick the one you prefer. It will be your job to get the top carriers for our services, the more carriers you get the more money you could earn. 

  • No cost to get started

  • No cost for certifications

  • Full commissions


All you need is your license, your phone, computer and an entrepreneurial spirit. You have the possibility to get training online, no need to move from the comfort of your home. Great advantage if you are able to speak more than one language.

We want you! What are you waiting for?

Customer Support Agent
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