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We offer you the opportunity to win money by adding to your business our Auto-Appointment Insurance Center 1,2,3

Helping  Agencies and Brokers working in the multicultural markets. The carriers pay the Agencies and Agents/Brokers.

This will not cost you anything, on the contrary, it will help your earn it.


The Auto-Appointment Insurance Center 1,2,3 is a three part advertisement station:

• A Double Side Sidewalk Sign 1, whose objective is to attract the attention of those who walk by, or pass by, inviting them to enter, to get information and / or buy insurance.

• A Door Display 2, that notifies the prospect a continuation to get in, in order to

get help or solutions.

• A Floor Display 3, helps the client to quickly and safely obtain insurance in just a few minutes; documenting or guiding that prospect step by step, on what to do.

Phone: +1 831-801-1583

Toll Free: +1 866 282 1055

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