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Auto-Appointment Insurance Center 1.2.3. 

Merchants; Industrialists and / or Business Owners:


It is our pleasure to introduce you to our innovative Marketing system, Auto-Appointment Insurance Center 1.2.3. This system informs, speeds up, and reduces the complexity to obtain Health, Life, Medicare Health Plan and other insurance, as well as other services that we offer.


We prepare for this purpose, attractive and practical displays so that the client can quickly and safely obtain protection by himself, or being guided with our help. In the floor display we inform how to do, to use one of the 3 ways to acquire insurance, which are:

1. By Phone

2. Internet / Email

3. Or personally.

We also have Daily Webinars, Website, Social Networks and all kinds of illustrative and informative brochures and video clips.


As you can see, by having in your business our innovative system, Auto-Appointment Insurance Center 123, which costs you nothing, you will be providing an essential service to the Community, with information and help at no cost to them, and to you. It will also will bring us mutual benefits, such as money and increased traffic to your business.


If you want to know more, please contact us. We are ready to send you a 1.2.3. And if you have other business places, please send us their addresses and we will send them 1.2.3. for each additional site.

We invite you to download our corporative presentation for you to get more detailed information on our Auto Appointment Insurance Center 1.2.3. 

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